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Imaginative Projects and Creativity Exercises

ISBN-10: 1584794550
Category: Knitting
Cover: Hardcover
Pages: 125
Size: 9¼” X 10¼”

Coloring inside the lines, thinking inside the box, knitting the same-old scarf–those days are over. for knitters looking for something new to spark their imaginations, AlterKnits is the answer. Featuring 27 imaginative projects, 10 creativity exercises, and thought-provoking quotes from Albert Einstein, Martha Graham, and many more, AlterKnits inspires knitters to expect the unexpected, to enjoy the rewards of experimentation, and to see the possibilities of knitting with broader vision. Some projects call for unusual materials plastic tubing (for a bag handle) or sterling silver wire (for a necklace). Others blend different craft techniques a pullover with sewn-on velvet cuffs, a baby blanket with painted-on polka dots. Still others apply knitting in unexpected places, such as laptop cases and bulletin boards.

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