Our Staff

Tricia is the store owner and remote-control diva, responsible for inflicting tennis matches, old and new, on the staff and customers at Dublin Bay. She has been knitting for fifteen years, but doesn’t have as much time for it now because she has this website to get situated. Known as “Lady Tricia,” she enjoys commissioning projects for the store windows that include such items as knitted dolls, mice, kitties, bunnies, and scarves galore. She is the parent of three, spoiled kitties: the Irish Boys, Fergus McMurphy, Jamieson MacFluff (aka The Dark Menace), and the newest ninja, Sir Francis MacPoundcake.  The spirits of her angel kitties live on in her hand dyed yarn line, solstice:  Seamus O’Jamieson (seamus doodlebug), Henry (blue-eyed boy), Ollie (oliver twist), Lady Clementine Olivia Wimbledon (clementine), Thomas Hardy, and Pip. She prefers The Tennis Channel to anything else and will frequently stay up all night to watch a good match.

Nancy is Tricia’s mom, and often refers to herself as “just mom, helping out.” She is the Queen of Ripping Out, and has been known to say, “something’s just not right, Tricia, something’s just not right…” An avid knitter of store samples, she is responsible for the most beautiful items in our store.  After attending the Davis Cup finals in 2007, she no longer minds tennis quite so much, though during her summer 2010 visit, she also became hooked on The Tudors and Downton Abbey.

Ken is Tricia’s dad, and he does not knit, though he does like to wind yarn for our customers.  He is responsible for setting up all our shelves and giving out free business advice as needed — sometimes crisis management as well. He is also the proud sponsor of our “husband’s chair” and supplies all of the Porsche racing magazines.  He has an array of vintage cars, and secretly changes the TV from tennis to the SPEED channel when he thinks Tricia isn’t watching.