Breathe Shower Steamers Set


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Set of four – Breathe Eucalyptus Mint Shower Steamers. Releases soothing essential oils and menthol into the shower steam helping clear sinuses or just to melt away the day. Place tablet on a lower shelf in the shower for the best results and allow tablet to dissolve slowly under a light water spray. You can also add small pieces to a small bowl of hot water to inhale or add a cube to your bathtub. Made of only high quality, natural ingredients.  Handmade in Montana!

Montana Home Sprout’s products do not contain any unnatural preservatives or stabilizers. There are never parabens, sulfates or sodium laurel sulfate (SLS) added to anything they make. Their products are handmade thoughtfully, in small batches with healthy skin and a happy planet in mind.  Their palm oil and shea butter are ethically harvested from sustainable resources.

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Citric Acid
Baking Soda
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