Woolly Wash


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Keep your Kerry Woollen Mill garments in wonderful condition with their specially formulated Woolly Wash, which gently cleanses and reconditions your wool products.

Kerry Woollen Mills is one of the last surviving traditional woolen mills still manufacturing in the beautiful Kerry countryside of Ireland.  Established over 300 years ago to alleviate local poverty, the mill drew on the adjacent River Gweestin for the power to drive its machinery and the water to wash and dye its wool.  The mill was bought by the Eadie family in 1904 who had previously been in the woolen manufacturing business for many years in Fermanagh and Scotland and continues under the fourth generation of family ownership to this day.  The mill is set in a rural location with many of the three hundred year old buildings still standing and functional!  The machinery has of course changed many times over the years!

Today the company focuses on serving niche markets with products from natural fibres in classic and traditional styles & colours.  In such a rapidly changing world their customers get from Kerry Woollen Mills products that will last, give warmth & pleasure, and link them to their natural heritage and long established skills.

250 ml bottle

Anionic Surfactants
Amphoteric Surfactants

*Woolly Wash is biodegradable too!