Closely Knit


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Handmade Gifts for the Ones You Love

ISBN-10: 1600610188

Category: Knitting

Cover: Softcover

Pages: 144

Size: 9″ X 9″

Publisher: F&W Publications

Closely Knit takes the guesswork out of knitting for others. Gift giving is made simple with the 30+ patterns, each tailored for a specific recipient and organized by complexity. Readers can now accurately estimate the time required to knit a gift for that special someone and with the wide array of options from special hand knits for mothers to knitted sweaters for men, to accessories such as scarves and hats, the gifting options are limitless. In addition, there are stuffed animals, a selection of home d├ęcor items including pillows and blankets and a mobile for baby. Options are provided for creating last-minute gifts in addition to tips and tricks for quick fixes to avoid the cram knitting that sometimes occurs when knitters are creating a gift for someone else.

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