Knitting Loves Crochet


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ISBN-10: 1580178421
Category: Knitting
Cover: Softcover

Candi Jensen has a mission — to show today’s trendy, young knitters just how much fun a little crochet can be. Crocheting can mimic lace. It can give a knit sweater pretty edging unachievable with knitting needles. Crocheted flowers and bobbles lend texture and interest to a flat surface. Crochet works exceptionally well as edging or trim, and Jensen explores that match-up to its fullest, with patterns for chic knit cardigans edged with lacy crochet; a stunning, fitted tank finished with a paler shade of crochet on the top and bottom; and placemats, napkin rings, and washcloths trimmed with delicate crocheted color.

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