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(Norsk Strikkedesign): A Collection from Norway’s Foremost Knitting Designers

ISBN-10: 1844486869
Category: Knitting
Cover: Softcover
Pages: 128
Publisher: Search Press

Colorful, lively and practical book which showcases the variety represented by some of Norway’s best knitwear designers. The designers featured in this book have influenced Norwegian hand- and commercial-knitting during the last fifteen to twenty years.

Handknitting allows the designer an unbounded freedom to create a completely personal expression of their art through the use of colour, embellishments, structure and styling, using only knitting needles and skeins of yarn. In this beautiful book, previously published in the USA as ‘Norsk Strikkedesign’, some of Norway’s foremost knitting designers present twenty-two unique knitted garments, all using classic Norwegian-spun wool yarns and based on traditional Norwegian patterns. Each design is accompanied by stunning photographs of the items themselves as well as the countryside that inspired them, and details of the materials used, pattern charts and detailed instructions. This book presents the very best of contemporary Norwegian knitwear design, drawing on its traditional roots and planting it firmly in the twenty-first century.

Twenty-two unique knitted garments

Includes work by some of Norway’s foremost knitting designers

All the designs use Norwegian-spun wool yarns and are based on traditional Norwegian patterns

Previously published as Norsk Strikkedesign

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