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Design by Bev Galeskas

Marigold was the eldest of the grandmother angora goats on Steadfast Farms in Northern Idaho. She spent the last years of her life, along with other older relatives, producing packages of Marigold’s Goat Hair Stuffing for these bears and other special creatures.

Depending on your yarn choice and the amount of felting, your bear will measure from 12 to 18 inches (30 to 46 cm) tall.

Yarn Requirements:

Choose a worsted weight wool, mohair or alpaca yarn that felts well.


About 450 yds (411m) for a solid color bear

For a bear with clothes, the following amounts:
Head and hands: 110 yds (101m). Coat: 160 yds (146m). Pants or legs: 75 yds (69m). Boots or shoes: 40 yds (37m). Felt Hat: 100 yds (91m).

It is important to test felt a sample of your yarn in all the colors you will be using. They must all felt at the same rate.

Many white and light colored wools do not felt well if at all. Be sure to check before purchasing white or off-white yarns!

For bear, straight or circular needles in US size 10.5(6.5mm). For hat, a 16″ (40cm) circular and a set of double pointed needles in US size 10.5 (6.5mm)

Description courtesy of Fiber Trends

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