Granny Squares


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Over 25 Creative Ways to Crochet the Classic Pattern

ISBN-13: 9781570765254
Category: Crochet
Cover: Hardcover
Size (WxH): 8″ x 10.5″

Square, iconic, and creative, granny squares can be
beautiful designs in themselves, but this book goes further with
instructions on joining them together to create more than 20 modern
projects. Affectionately called “grannies” by their fans, these
crocheted squares can be quickly made with endless color variants and
combinations of yarns and stitches. Ideas for big and small granny
square showpieces are provided with precise instructions for all basic
techniques and patterns. The individual squares can be easily joined
together and thorough instructions are provided for making wonderfully
colorful bags, gifts, beautiful home accessories, or snuggly throws.
With the help of this project book, each square is a little work of art
that can stand alone or be multiplied and joined together to form useful
and beautiful creations.

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