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Sophisticated Designs in Shades of White

Yahaira Ferreira

ISBN-10: 160059302X
Category: Knitting
Cover: Softcover
Pages: 144
Size: 8.5” X 11”
Publisher: Sterling Publishing

Whether creamy and warm or wintry cool, white evokes a sense of classic purity. Celebrate its astonishing variety with a collection of 25 stunning all-white projects for intermediate to advanced knitters, all made from the most luxurious yarns ever. From sensuous sweaters for women to adorable baby and children’s outfits to rugged masculine attire, these garments take white to new levels of excitement and opulence. Best of all, you’ll find that using white yarns only draws attention to the gorgeous textural details of each piece—the complex combinations of knits and purls, show-stopping lace, and sophisticated cables. The projects include: a delicate sleeveless tunic from luscious silk mohair and silk; a man’s cabled sweater; and an exquisite hat-and-bootie set that’s soft enough for baby’s tender skin and elegant enough to make a perfect shower gift.

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