Seven Things That Make or Break a Sweater


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Techniques and Tips for Hand Knitters

ISBN-10: 0981498604
Category: Knitting
Cover: Softcover
Pages: 144
Size: 8″ X 8″
Publisher: Vanduki Press

Good knitting technique never goes out of style. Whether you knit trendy garments or classic sweaters, the same techniques will make the difference between a garment that looks well made and one that doesn’t. In this book, you will learn seven basic knitting techniques that greatly affect the appearance of a hand knit sweater: the smooth or bumpy side of the cast on edge on the public side of the garment, the placement and type of increases used in ribbing, slanting decreases, invisible increases, blocking, picking up stitches for bands, and buttonholes.

Master the “how” of each technique, then learn the “when, where and why.” The author’s goal is to give knitters information so they thoroughly understand the techniques and can confidently make choices about using them. This book is for knitters who know the basics and want to hone their skills to produce beautifully hand knit projects. This book has two sections:

Seven Chapters

•Learn one technique per chapter with step-by-step instructions, clear illustrations, and detailed color photographs.
•Understand why each technique works and why it looks good.

•Receive lots of useful tips and hints for producing good results.
•Know the choices and options associated with the techniques.

Seven Sweater Patterns

•A “tutorial project” (baby sweater) pattern is divided into sections that correspond to each chapter. The reader will be able to practice the lessons of each chapter on this real, but small, sweater.
•Six stylish adult sweater patterns provide plenty of opportunities to practice the techniques.
•All patterns have clear, row-by-row instructions.
•Information on sweater seaming is included in the appendix.

This is a skill-building, confidence-boosting book which shows knitters how to make even the simplest sweater look marvelous.

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