MDK Field Guide 17 – Lopi


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Off we go on a fascinating new journey!  The guide? Mary Jane Mucklestone, the beloved expert in stranded colorwork.  Five designs to play with.  With five interchangeable stitch motifs and the huge palette of Léttlopi yarn, we can play all day long.  These are quick, tremendously fun designs to knit again and again.

Mary Jane Mucklestone is one of the great travelers, exploring the world with knitting in hand.  And she has taught legions of knitters all about working with color.  Get ready for a season of cozy knitting with Mary Jane and her colorful ideas. Field Guide No. 17 is a collection of five designs that you will knit again and again.

Daytripper Cardigan
Quick to make, full of color, this is a lightweight sweater because it’s knitted on US size 10 (6 mm) needles.  It includes a steek for the front opening, which is such a great new technique to try if you haven’t had the chance.

Destination Pullover
Pockets! A sweet touch on this simple, cozy sweater.  Blocks of color are connected by brief moments of stranded colorwork.  Knit on a size US 10 (6 mm) needle, the Léttlopi yarn becomes a fabric that is lofty and light—just the thing for a cool day.

Destination Scarf
A design that lets colors shift as quietly or dramatically as you like.  Mix your colors and choose among the five stitch motifs to cook up your own unique fluffer.

Jaunty Beanie
This is serious multiples territory.   A hat that lets you fool around with your color pairings and stranded color pattern?   You’ll finish one and already be scheming up the next one.  The pom pom is just the cherry on top and the way to use up all those oddments.

Trinket Mittens
These mittens are a traditional style that Mary Jane discovered years ago during her time in Sweden.  Choose your cuff motif from the five motifs included in the Field Guide.